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TESOL training feedback:

The 4-days TESOL training has come to an end. In these tense, fulfilling and happy 4 days, I have felt a lot and learned a lot. This training has benefited me a lot. Although the time is short, the training content has given me a great help in teaching.


I watched some teaching examples, experienced some activities personally and participated in the discussion, which combined theory with practice and made me understand what the teacher said more deeply and thoroughly

Through this training, I have learned more teaching skills. According to the differences of learning methods and abilities of children of different ages, I should apply the learning methods more suitable for children of various ages to achieve the purpose of efficient learning. Through communication to discuss in the process of training to understand the different teacher's teaching experience and comprehension, let me to the English classroom teaching has more new knowledge and ideas。English language as the object, through different tasks, combined with the world around contact life, lets the student will learn the knowledge of English is combined with actual life, improve the ability of English. Pay attention to interest in the overall teaching objectives, cultivate creativity and self-confidence, let children happy learning; Pay attention to create learning environment and improve learning efficiency in curriculum implementation; Pay attention to practice and innovation development in teaching mode and method; In terms of the goal of language teaching, we should pay attention to the cultivation of language sense and communicative competence. In teaching evaluation, the use of incentive mechanism and multiple evaluation is emphasized. English teachers should have the teaching skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, which points out the direction of their efforts and clarifies the basic qualities of a qualified English teacher.

This basic knowledge professional training for me, is undoubtedly a great harvest. Phonetic, listening, speaking and writing courses have made a great progress in my English. In particular, the training of natural spelling, from the original do not know the correct pronunciation of the pronunciation rules, to now be able to better understand how to teach students English pronunciation, is really a great harvest. Language learning takes place only in meaningful and purposeful activities. Through the teacher's careful explanation, I have learned how to better conduct English listening, speaking, reading and writing teaching. Traditional English teaching method makes students feel heavy pressure without the pleasure of learning. In fact, every ability can be taught with great interest. I'm very inspired by what a good teacher does. Many times our students are reluctant to speak English because there is no safe language environment. The emphasis on vocabulary and grammar makes teachers often interrupt students in public, which makes students feel embarrassed. In the long run, students are reluctant to communicate in English in public. Therefore, to improve students' listening and speaking ability, we must first create a safe language environment for students. In a safe language environment, teachers focus on the content of communication rather than the correctness of vocabulary and grammar. Using self-correction ability, students can improve their listening and speaking ability in constant communication. Only in constant practice, students' oral English ability will be improved continuously.

As a front-line teacher, I know what kind of class is a good class, which does not include teacher-student interaction, student body.

Through this training, I feel I have a heavier burden on my shoulders. Thank you very much for giving me such an opportunity to learn. I will redouble my efforts, think hard and be good at analysis in future education and teaching, and strive to become a better English teacher!

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