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TESOL tips for make fun

Through the training, I learned a lot of knowledge.How to make the class more interesting and let all the students actively participate in the classroom activities.


First of all, teachers should design many interesting classroom activities to make their classes more interesting. Teachers in the classroom said less time, a lot of time for students, let students speak more English, express themselves.

Teachers should organize students to sit in a circle in class, so that all students do the same thing, they think it is fair.Teachers should encourage students to read the target sentences aloud in class.

In addition, in the classroom teachers should design a lot of interesting classroom activities, design different classroom games, so that each student will like the class, will actively participate in classroom activities.

For example,when teaching words, we can play a lot of interesting games in class.Say what i say ,do what i do.Teachers do different actions, all students can actively participate, and more interesting. So the students will be busy and have no time to feel bored or talk.

Another interesting game is to hit monsters. The teacher invited all the students to play games. The teacher says the word, and takes the hammer to do the action of knocking on the student's head, the student needs to repeat the teacher's word and squat down. This can be better to attract the attention of students, but also in the practice of words when students can practice the ability to observe and respond.

Description and drawing is also a very fun game in class.When the teacher teaches the word, the teacher describes it and the students draw the target word together. Finally, show each student's work, through the student's own description, practice students' sentence output and deepen students' impression of knowledge.For example, when the teacher talks about animals, the teacher describes, the students draw animals on paper, and finally show the students' works, each child's works are different, and full of fun.

Two thermometers and kill each other.Two thermometers and kill each other is also a very fun classroom game. Through this game, students can exercise the sense of cooperation and competition, exercise the sense of participation in the classroom, so that everyone is an important part of the group.

For example, today we have a recitation lesson, where we review everything we have learned in this unit. The teacher asks questions to see which group of students answers the question first, and which group can heat the thermometer of the other party.

Spot the differences This game not only trains observation   ability, but also trains students' patience and carefulness. At the same time, it can increase the enthusiasm of students to participate in the classroom..

For example, in class, the teacher finds two interesting pictures to display on the whiteboard, and then lets the students observe the difference between the two pictures, and the teacher who answers the questions fastest gives her a reward in time. In this way, students will interact with teachers more actively, participate in classroom activities, and the classroom atmosphere is relaxed and happy.

In class, teachers can also tell a story to teach children knowledge. Students can follow the teacher's description to imagine, stimulate students' curiosity, and then step by step to join the classroom knowledge, students will be more impressed by the knowledge.

Teachers can also use more nursery rhymes to learn songs in class.

When teaching songs, the teacher can give the key words to the students, and then divide all the students into groups to discuss. Let these key words form a new song, but the pitch remains the same. This can not only exercise students' creative thinking, but also cultivate students' sense of cooperation. This can also make the classroom more exciting.

In the classroom, the teacher should treat every student equally, encourage them often in the classroom, and give them rewards in time. Don't criticize the students when they make mistakes, just repeat the sentences after the activity. Positive suggestions will make students more receptive and more interested in the classroom.

I like this training very much, I have learned a lot of knowledge here, which is very helpful to my teaching career.

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