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TESOL Reviews:



The tesol in china course was very interesting and I enjoyed my tesol course with them. All the material was very well written and presented, and appropriate for self-study. The assignments were clearly formulated and relevant to the modules of the course, and I found they developed my understanding very well. A real strength of the course was the extremely helpful and detailed support by the tutor. I want to thank my tutor Alex for his very expert, perceptive and interesting feedback on my assignments, and his quick and always very helpful replies to my questions concerning the course.


I loved the indepth feedback from tesol instructor Candy on the assignments. It far exceeded my expectations. I thought that the materials were clear and well written. The tasks within each module were well spaced, thought provoking and relevant, and the module assignments challenging and an important part of the learning experience. Thank you TESOL China.


I am not a natural born teacher but thanks to this course I feel very comfortable to walk into any classroom and teach. I absolutely recommend this course to friends who are interested in teaching or even to friends who are experienced teachers. It’s also a sort of course to improve and enhance teaching methods. I’ve absolutely no regrets about doing this course with tesol in china. Keep up the good work!


I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. The tesol in china course material was extremely well-written and it was clear that a considerable amount of work and thought had gone into its production. The course itself was absolutely invaluable in teacher training. I found each section informative, helpful and very practical. I will be referring to the course material for a long time to come.


I found studying this course was a very interesting online learning experience. The tasks set in each module were very helpful and the feedback pages were absolutely essential to my learning. The assignments were very challenging but I was encouraged with the tutor’s feedback. I would have liked to have had marking criteria available as I worked on the assignments, just to help me decide how far to go with my responses in each of the assignments. Thanks for the opportunity.


This was an excellent course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to obtain this qualification. The tesol tutor’s feedback was so thorough and was greatly appreciated.


Thank you for all your support. From the initial phone call to the moment I received my certificate, you’ve been wonderful; very professional and supportive! The course is excellent, the material super, and so well presented. I feel I’ve had a really good foundation in TESOL.


Thank you for your help and for your grade, which I was not really expecting. I hope I can live up to it! I would like to thank John for all his time and effort and encouragement. It really was a well thought-out course which I hope to put to practical use.


I enjoyed every minute of the course. I have been helping students with their English for 30 years but this course has provided me with a real structure for the first time. It made me think carefully about the assignments and revealed to me where improvement was possible. Good value for money. I have registered with Accredited and have been offered a teaching job this summer in china.


I have really learnt a great deal from this course. … I have an MBA and teach Business subjects as well as Business English and this course has helped me to structure my marketing and management classes as well. The tasks were difficult, but the tutor was always available to provide support. Thank you!


I have really enjoyed 150-hour TESOL certificate course. The online course material was excellent – informative, comprehensible and so well presented. I had an amazing support from my tutor. I would like to thank him for his quick, valuable feedback and positive comments. It was a great learning experience, so I definitely would recommend this course to others. Thank you.


I would like to thank my tutor for all his help and valuable suggestions. I found his feedback very helpful and speedy; his remarks were always positive and constructive. The course material is excellent, varied, relevant and up-to-date. I have enjoyed the course and am very glad I chose TESOL Direct!


I have really learnt a great deal from this course. I have an MBA and teach Business subjects as well as Business English and this course has helped me to structure my marketing and management classes as well. Some assignments tasks were tough, but the tutor was always available to provide support. Thank you TESOL-direct.


I found the course very professional and the contact with my course tutor was easy and rewarding. He responded very quickly to my emails. I found the feedback from the questions I submitted very good and very useful. It helped me complete further questions and has given me direction in my job. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and friends.


I have found the course material excellent. It is written in a really reader-friendly way, and there are plenty of examples and situations. The feedback from Paul has been fantastic – really detailed and useful. I have thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! Many thanks.


I think that this is an excellent course for people who want to study alongside full time employment and family commitments. I was able to study at my own pace without any pressure to meet deadlines and this really suited my lifestyle. I was also very impressed with the speed at which assignments were returned with such comprehensive feedback. A lot of the course materials, particularly the games, I will now be able to use for ideas for future lessons. The course has given me confidence in my own abilities and will hopefully be of benefit to me in respect of future job prospects. Thank you TESOL China

Lao Zheng

An excellent course allowing me to study at my own pace. The TBE course is a great follow-up course to the 150-hour TESOL course that I completed previously. Extremely helpful feedback from my tutor. The course was packed with useful ideas that I hope to use in the future in my new career.


The material is informative and comprehensible for anyone first starting a teaching career as well as those who have worked as teachers for a while. The tutor has provided me with such professional and conscientious help that I believe he is a teacher that students of all grades and ages admire. I hope this high-quality course will be made known widely to many English teachers.


The course has helped me to organise the Business English teaching that I have been doing for the last four years. It has helped me 1) to become more aware and better able to interpret the needs of my students; 2) to plan lessons around clearly defined goals; 3) to be more confident about the effectiveness of my own methods and style of teaching Business English. The feedback was first class. Another important aspect of the course is the flexibility of deadlines. I have a very busy family/working life and the fact that I could fit in the coursework during ‘calmer’ times of the year enabled me to enjoy completing each assignment without pressure.


This course helped me immensely in organizing my teaching Business English lessons from A to Z. I really feel that I have a solid understanding of teaching methods that will be useful in the near future. I was very favorably impressed by the training and the instructor who was extremely knowledgeable in the area. I appreciate the experiences he shared with me; it was definitely a great opportunity for professional development.


I am grateful to this course for a great opportunity to revise grammar material, methodology concepts, and effective lesson planning. I got vivid examples of highly effective teaching methods, various ways of establishing rapport with students and I used them in my lesson planning during the course. To add to that, the course drew my attention to the topic of communicative games in the classroom. I got answers to all of my questions and detailed feedback on the submitted assignments. It was my pleasure to work with such a positive, supportive, patient and experienced tutor. He really made the program! It was a great course for me as it gave me the flexibility to work from home and in my own hours. I feel that I am ready to teach abroad.


I really had no problems with this tesol course. The feedback was clear and the tasks, course material and assignments were also clear.


I had good support from my tutor and his comprehensive feedback on assignments was appreciated. Having just started a teaching job, what I feel could be improved in the course is some more guidance on the different levels of student achievement mentioned in the tesol course. There was a really useful section on games to play in the classroom.


I really enjoyed this course. I learnt a lot and received all the help I needed in terms of understanding and learning the course material. I appreciate all the help and support from my tutor. Thank you TESOL China


I would certainly recommend the course. The material is excellent, so is the support and the feedback. Thank you for your help during the course.


I found the tesol course material extremely well written and extremely clear to follow. I found the explanations and guidance notes highly beneficial and clear to follow and find the material a great reference tool. I often refer back to the course material to guide me in my day-to-day teaching activities. My course tutor was fantastic and put an incredible amount of thought into his revisions and guidance notes. I feel privileged to have had a tutor with such a great wealth of experience and who gave me such positive feedback along with helpful suggestions in making improvements to any weak areas of my assignments.

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