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Final Essay

The 4-day TESOL training is ended today. During the intense and happy 4 days, This training has benefited me a lot. Although the training is very short, the training content is very practical. For me it is a great help in teaching. Alex's courseware guide are very detailed, allowing us to experience and participate in activities more personally, and let me have a deeper understanding of teaching.


Especially the way of greeting on the first day gave me a new understanding. I originally thought that it would be like a traditional self-introduction. Everyone stand up and introduced their name. I didn’t expect Alex to warm up through many ways. It We got to know each other quickly and remember each other’s name. In this process, we also get closer to the other students, let me know that a very efficient warm-up is a good start to the class and very important. Comparing with the traditional Chinese teacher qualification certificate training, the biggest difference is TESOL is very practical, instead of paying special attention to the theoretical knowledge, the real teaching method of English as a foreign language is derived from the integration of knowledge and actual life. Combine, increasing interest in learning, cultivate creativity and self-confidence, let children learn happily. Especially emphasized that it provides a very good learning atmosphere suggestion for creating a fairness for children and allowing them to speak English loudly. That’s is what I didn’t consider before. After this study, I think, I have a deeper understanding in this field of knowledge. children in different ages, learning styles and abilities are different. For example, the age of   3-4 year old have a completely different way of greeting for 6-7.

Participating in this training is a great gain for me, especially the input of English class   every day, which greatly improves my listening ability. In the process of learning native English, the way of thinking is also improve a lot. Emphasize some of the lessons of phonics, some Interactive games that I haven’t thought about before have been very inspired in my classroom in the future. Originally, I thought that the teaching method of natural phonics should be similar to that of pinyin, which is just a lot of exercises ,the process of spelling. But after study, let me know that learning phonics can be divided into 7 different steps. And through these massive interactive drills, children can quickly improve their reading and spelling ability in a short time.

Many times we know that students are reluctant to speak because there is no safe language environment. After participating in this study, I have a deeper understanding of improving a safe language learning environment for students. . As a teacher, I have a deep understanding of how to give a good class atmosphere is the vital part. First of all, you must be passionate, and then you must love the industry, and then you must train yourself as a professional teacher, so that you can use your passion and knowledge to drive the children's enthusiasm for learning, so as to learn English like a mother tongue.

In the end, because of some of my work, I didn’t actually finish my homework and have a better review at nights in a satisfied qualification. But when I that other classmates who were still at work were still able to complete their homework, I also had a deep reflection myself. I often asked the children why they didn’t hand in their homework. After this study, I will take myself as an example even more. to more attention to the review so that I can make a more regular plan for my own learning.

Finally, I hope to give some suggestions of my own. On the last day of class, you can give you a four-day class catalog and take everyone to quickly sort out the content of the lessons, to have a better understanding frame and a clearer memory for this study.

Wish TESOL training school flourish and prosperity.

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