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TESOL Courses Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the difference between the TEFL and TESOL certificate?

TESOL and TEFL are the most commonly used acronyms related to teaching English abroad.   TESOL and TEFL are actually synonymous with one another. A native English speaker is eligible   to teach English in foreign countries only with TESOL or TEFL Certifications. Other similar   sounding certifications for teaching English abroad are CELTA, DELTA, EFL, ESL, ELT, ESOL, EAL, TEAL, and TESL.


TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The intentions and purposes for both the terms remain the same. TESOL is more commonly used in America and TEFL in U.K. There is a slight technical difference between the two acronyms.   TESOL refers to learners with English as the Second Language while TEFL refers only to "foreign" students. TESOL course is thus more specific about its target students.

2. What do these acronyms mean?


- Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TEFL course aims at teaching English in such an environment where English is not considered to be the official language or the unofficial first language as in Spain, China and Laos.


- Teaching English as a Second Language
TESL course aims at teaching English in an environment where English is used on daily basis   either in the form of an official language or as unofficial second language as in India, Singapore, U.S. immigrants.


- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
This term is applicable for both the TEFL and TESL situations where the students do not have   English as their mother language. The course focuses on developing teaching skills among the native English speakers to teach the non- English speaking students.


- English as Second Language
ESL course aims at teaching English in situations where English is taught to non- native speakers either in a native country or in a non- native English speaking country as in U.S.A., New Zealand, India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Portugal etc.


- English Language Teaching
ELT is the general term used for any situation where English is taught


- English for Special Purposes
This term implies the requirement of English in special situations like in business or for academic purposes or for tourism industry. Some TESOL training courses also come up with ESP features.


- English for Young Learners
This course is planned and designed for the young learners. The focus is on the handling of the curriculum.


- Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults

3. What are the prospects of teaching English Abroad?

Teaching English abroad is now a prospectus career option with the increasing demand for ESL teachers in the non speaking English countries. ATI has tie ups with the teaching institutions spread all over the world including the Asian, Middle East, European and Latin American countries. The educational requirements vary from one country to the other but otherwise, ATI can assist you as far as the placements in the countries across the world are concerned.

Teaching English abroad is not only a lucrative career option of today but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences one can rarely have. The teachers also get an opportunity to explore the native culture while teaching the foreign students. The fresh college students can have the best working experience with this option. They can also earn impressive salaries and travel world wide.

You can have a fast teaching career in abroad with the programs offered by American TESOL Institute. The institute offers TESOL Certificate either in a class room setting or online. ATI also offers placement after the successful completion of the course. ATI will assist you in every step of teaching English abroad.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for the American TESOL Program?

The students enrolling for American TESOL Program must have:

  • High school Diploma or equivalent

  • Fluency of the English Language.

  • Ability to obtain a passport for job placement.

  • Background check for post certification job placement

The international students enrolling for American TESOL Program must have:

  • High school Diploma or equivalent

  • Fluency of the English Language.

  • Ability to legally work, or obtain a working visa for the country of employment as a teacher.

  • Background check for post certification job placement

The non native English speakers should secure 550 TOEFL score (220 CBT) or an IELTS 6.0 in order to successfully complete an online or in class American TESOL Certification Course.

5. Do I need teaching experience to join the ATI Program?

No prior teaching experience is required for enrollment in any of the ATI programs.

The ATI online and in class programs are specially designed for ESL teachers. The teaching skills are induced through various activities, lesson plans and other tools. ATI also offers optional volunteer/ Observation ESL teaching to the young American graduates. Potential teachers with no prior classroom experience are offered classroom experience in USA before they pursue teaching job abroad.

6. How often do I speak with instructors while taking the online course?

Students and graduates are given the options of online chat, emails, video lectures and telephonic contacts to keep in touch with the instructors of American TESOL Institute. Instructors can be accessed 12 hours a day and the students get ample opportunity to get into online interaction with them. Certification is given after the proper evaluation of your assignments and lesson plans.

7. Why should I take a TESOL course from ATI?

American TESOL Institute or ATI is an internationally recognized teacher training organization which ensures teachers of high standard to the world of ESL jobs. The institute has been training students to teach English abroad since 2002 and with its educational quality control mechanisms it has successfully achieved its mission.

With the TESOL Certification from ATI, you can teach English anywhere in the world. The institute offers teaching opportunities in various countries across the world including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East.

ATI offers TESOL courses which have been specially designed to cater to the needs and objectives of every individual. American TESOL Institute is ready to assist you in getting ESL jobs with its incredible range of in class and online TESOL Programs. Each one of them has been specially designed to teach a specific age group. The institute caters to the needs and aspirations of both the young learners and adult business professionals.

The ATI courses are highly interactive which involve the students in various interesting educational activities.

The American TESOL Institute is recognized by and affiliated to organizations like AAIEP, iEARN, SAFEA, USETTA, USDLA and has partners like Interpark Communications' & Talkbean which are known to be the best online provider of teacher training in the world.

ATI also offers placements after successful completion of the course.

8. How does American TESOL Institute help the trainees in their job hunt?

ATI provides assistance in seeking ESL jobs in countries across the world. You can choose a place of your own choice to work diligently as an ESL teacher with ATI TESOL Certification. American TESOL Institute provides teacher placement in Asia, Latin America, The Middle East, Europe, or online after completing TESOL certification. The requirements differ in countries like China, Poland, Spain, Greece, Korea, and Japan. ATI will inform you about the required educational background for each and every country. ATI is pretty aware of the ESL job scenario in various countries and so, you can expect quality assistance whenever it comes to choose a place of your own choice to serve as an ESL teacher. ATI will let you know about the country specific requirements and this will surely help you to find the best opportunity.

9. What is the procedure to be followed by trainees in their job search?

There are 3 options:

  • You can post online resumes to the placement sites so that the schools and universities get to know about your goals and aspirations along with your educational qualifications.

  • Send your resume and picture to American TESOL Institute via email. The institute can then forward your resume to the employers of the country of your choice and then it will offer you a variety of teaching options.

  • Another option is to publish your video resume on TESOL Cafe to grab the attention of the thousands of TESOL employers in the numerous countries spread across the world.

10. Does the American TESOL Institute provide lifetime job placement support?

With ATI TESOL Certificate, you can expect to get a lifetime job placement service. ATI is aware of the various ins and outs of teaching English abroad and the various policies and requirements of the countries. ATI will assist you with its valuable suggestions in getting the best placement offer in the country of your choice. An American TESOL Certification itself will change your life forever.

11. Can I teach TESOL, ESL inside the USA with your certification?

American TESOL Institute is currently providing volunteers, internship and online ESL positions in USA. The requirements vary from one state of the Union to another. Candidates with Bachelors or Masters Degrees are preferred. There are some other specific requirements for teaching in a particular state. TESOL graduates can teach ESL within United States of America.

If you are interested to contribute to the world community in a different way and to work with students of all age groups, you should look forward to teaching English as a Second Language. TESOL jobs are available in almost all the communities of the world.




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