TESOL Offline - Schedule
120 hours certificate qualification
One week to finish the homework
Delimit the scope of the examination
Full time five days
The examiner of TESOL from the US taught in person.
The scope of the examination is 21 assignments in the examination outline.
Provide various teaching materials, electronic version, audio and video materials.
Small class teaching, 1-3 training sessions per month, which can be booked in advance.
TESOL Certificate
TESOL Offline examination and training of International English Teacher Qualification Certificate
TESOL is awarded offline, full-time for five days, facing national enrollment, taught by examiners, providing a more efficient way to obtain certificates. The passing rate is more than 90%. Teachers who want to participate in the training and obtain the certificate as soon as possible can sign up in advance and make an appointment.
Total class hours
learning circle

TESOL Offline Traning Course April 2022 - August 2022

April 2022

TESOL Certificate CoursesStart DatesStart TimeClass Size
TESOL for ChildrenApril 4 - April 89:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons
TESOL AdvancedApril 18 - April 229:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons

May 2022

TESOL Certificate CoursesStart DatesStart TimeClass Size
TESOL for ChildrenMay 1st - May 5th9:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons
TESOL AdvancedMay 23 - May 279:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons

June 2022

TESOL Certificate CoursesStart DatesStart TimeClass Size
TESOL for ChildrenJune 6 - June 109:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons
TESOL AdvancedJune 27 - July 19:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons

July 2022

TESOL Certificate CoursesStart DatesStart TimeClass Size
TESOL for ChildrenJuly 11 - July 159:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons
TESOL AdvancedJuly 25 - July 299:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons

August 2022

TESOL Certificate CoursesStart DatesStart TimeClass Size
TESOL for ChildrenAugust 15 - August 199:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons
TESOL AdvancedAugust 22 - August 269:30-16:00Small class system: 8-12 persons


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Group Discount:1000 yuan per person based on the official price for more than 5 people

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Class Time
TESOL courses are divided into 4 levels and 3 courses The level is divided into four levels: children, senior, business and experts The course is divided into three courses: children, advanced and business Expert level = children + senior + business
TESOL In-Class Courses
Choose according to the schedule
It's scheduled from Monday to Friday
9:30-12:00 am; 13:30-16:00 PM
Five hours a day, a total of 20 class hours
The first four days of training and the fifth day is examination
10:00 am demo audition and interview
The result will be given in 15 working days after the exam

Different learning contents

Children's level content is only for students below junior and high school. Advanced content will involve about 20% of children's content. Children's content is more interactive teaching, and advanced content involves vocabulary and grammar.

Differences of Three TESOL Certificate Levels

Different difficulty

Children's courses are relatively simple and the most basic. Their English level is CET-4 or CET-6, while advanced is relatively difficult. They are required to score about TEM-8 or IELTS 6.5.

For students of different ages

Children's courses are aimed at students aged 3-12; Advanced courses are aimed at junior high school, senior high school and adults. Therefore, it depends more on the later teaching objects.

Percentage of test scores The total score of the examination is 100 Among them, assignments account for 50% of the total score, interviews account for 10% and demo demo videos account for 40%

TESOL Certificate Examination

Test content: demo lecture + interview

Achievement time

Qualified with a comprehensive score of more than 70 points

Results will be given in about 15 working days after the test

Pass the test in about 25 working days and get the certificate,which can be mailed or taken by yourself

Examination form

Examination form:

offline examination

The demo starts at 10:00 a.m

Interview after demo

8-5 minutes per person


· Instructor Introduction

· Introduction to the Course

· Introduction to the Specializations

· TESOL,ESL, SLA,L1,L2 Acronyms

· Creative ESL Games for Kids

· How to be a great teacher.

· Telegraphic speech

· Gross and fine motor skills

· Learning with music, movies and social studies

  • Instructor Introduction

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Introduction to the Specializations

  • TESOL,ESL, SLA,L1,L2 Acronyms

  • Top down and bottom up listening

  • Creative ESL Games for adults

  • How to be a great teacher.

  • How to teach vocabulary.

  • Four fundamental properties of spoken language.

  • Business Warm up activities

  • What is Business English

  • Basic English vs Business English

  • Company presentation

  • Job interviews


  • Teaching Phonics.

  • Bilingual households

  • Warm-ups & Ice-breakers

  • Comprehensible input and out

  • Powerful methods for reading key

  • Language development stages

  • Comprehensible input and out

  • Describe different intelligence type

  • Warm-ups & Ice-breakers

  • Powerful methods for reading key

  • How to teach reading.

  • How to teach writing

  • Eight thinking maps

  • How to write an effective Business E-mail

  • International Business Plan

  • Public Relationship

  • Business Manner


  • Teaching Linguistics

  • Create a safe and shameless learning environment

  • Discipline methods

  •    Jazz chants

  • Thinking maps

  • Golden rules

  • How to teach speaking

  • How to teach listening

  • Teaching Linguistics

  • Teaching Listening Comprehension

  • Common Business Idioms

  • How to write a resume

  • Advertisements

  • Attending Business Meeting


  • Five teaching methods

  • Two Lesson plan

  • Filler activities

  • Practice for demo

  • Prepare for final exam

  • Summaries   

  • Five teaching methods

  • Lesson plan

  • Practice for demo

  • Prepare for final test

  • Double check your assignments   

  • How to Bargain

  • How to negotiate

  • Conference call

  • Business Dinner

  • Cross Culture differences


  • Double Check and Submit Assignments

  • Written TEST

  • Demo

  • Interview

  • What’s more? Wait for your result lol

  • Submit your assignments

  • Written TEST

  • Demo

  • Interview

  • Farewell party

  • Demo 10:00

  • Interview 3:30 to 4:00   

  • Farewell Party


TESOL Advanced Program

TESOL For BUsiness Program

TESOL For Children Program

TESOL Schedules

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