TESOL Certificate developing in China
TESOL in China

TESOL China is headquartered in Beijing. After more than 10 years of development in China, it has established a perfect TESOL curriculum system, certification system, examination system and employment service system. It is the trademark holder of TESOL China and the authorized developer of TESOL in China, The only headquarters and chief representative of the test center, test center and North internship base are fully responsible for the development of TESOL in China. TESOL China has established 33 TESOL certification and authorization centers in 45 regions, and more than 25000 American TESOL students (including foreign teachers) in China. We are fully committed to improving the teaching ability of Chinese English teachers and integrating with internationalization. We look forward to your joining us!
Four advantages of applying for TESOL
TESOL in China escort you on the way to TESOL Certificate
Global Access
TESOL Certificate is equivalent to the "universal green card" for global travel
Widely Recognized
More than 9500 professional English institutions are recognized in more than 150 countries around the world
Improve Teaching
Advanced teaching concept, expanding thinking and integrating with internationalization
High Paying Employment
Approved by the foreign expert Office of the Bureau of foreign experts of the people's Republic of China
Institutions all over the city
Students cover urban areas
Cumulative service trainees
Student praise rate
Add:605-606, Haige Intl Building, Xuanwumen, Xicheng, Beijing, China100052.
Tel :010-61616196
Email :Info@tesolinchina.com
Beijing Taifu International Education Co., Ltd. We look forward to your joining!

TESOL in China
American TESOL Institute, Beijing, China.
Room 605-606 Haige intl building, Xuanwumen,Beijing China
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Email:info@tesolinchina.com Tel:010-63267701;010-61616196 Add:605-606, Haige Intl Building, Xuanwumen, Xicheng, Beijing, China 100052.
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