TESOL Dingtalk live class, our advantage
——————       Break through the "ineffective learning", and the examiner's live class is more guaranteed       ——————
All English immersion learning environment can improve your learning efficiency by 10 times
Tailor made teaching method learning solutions, more targeted
American style relaxed and humorous course atmosphere, learning English can also be fun
Small class live broadcast class, the learning content is consistent with offline, and enjoy offline teaching
colorful courses and teaching materials make the classroom teaching method more practical
Online live broadcasting is very popular

In order to effectively prevent and control the COVID-19, ensure the health and life safety of teachers and students, and maintain the safety and stability of schools. TEFL International Education "never forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". According to the notice of the superior and in combination with the actual situation of the school, the online teaching activity of "active isolation, no extension of teaching and no suspension of classes" was launched on August 10.
TESOL Live class
Get offline knowledge points in five weeks and view and playback videos for unlimited times
The examiner teaches in person
Rich teaching resources and courseware can be viewed online
Dingtalk Selected Classroom
Co culture
The delay line is the key to epidemic prevention and control. The institution uses the "Internet live + education mode" to realize that the teaching courses should be opened as much as possible.
MAC environment
The teaching staff shall "leave school without leaving teaching, leave students without leaving their posts", ensure "no extension of teaching, no suspension of classes", and minimize the impact of the epidemic on teaching progress and learning effect.
Rich resources
TEFL international education institutions choose the live teaching platform for online teaching, supplemented by Wechat groups, as well as information sharing at ordinary times.
TESOL Course
The live broadcast has playback function. After the online teaching, students can repeatedly look back at the knowledge they don't understand or unclear, which is convenient for students to study independently.
Live course recommendation
Comprehensively learn TESOL teaching methods at all levels
TESOL for Children Certificate
Class time: 5 weeks
主要针对3-12岁学生教学,教学方法多以游戏教学 互动教学为主
TESOL Advanced Certificate
Class time: 5 weeks
TESOL for Business Certificate
Class time: 5 weeks
TESOL live class time Every class is worth listening carefully
Children's level: 10:00-12:00 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday Advanced level: 10:00-12:00 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday Each class has playback, which can be viewed repeatedly, and can interact with teachers during live broadcast.
TESOL live classroom Share the wonderful moments of live class with you
How to sign up Participate in the live broadcast
Make it easier to apply for TESOL Certificate
TESOL certificate applicants need to be at least 18 years old. Of course, they also need to state their basic information in detail.For example, the ID card number, passport number, e-mail name, telephone address, etc., because these information is the website where you can apply for the exam. If you pass the exam, you can mail the certificate directly through these information. The first step is to submit the application materials to the mailbox. The specific materials include: ID card, graduation certificate, English proficiency certificate, resume and application form. After reviewing the data for about 3 hours, the payment can be made after receiving the confirmation email After payment, get all kinds of materials and apply to join nailing's internal learning group to start live class learning!
Professional customer service guides you to sign up
Mail teaching materials and arrange exams throughout the process

There are several advantages for us to choose nails: we can take advantage of online learning and free time in life, which is not limited to the location of educational institutions. For professional equipment recording and broadcasting courses, TESOL live class was held during the epidemic, but we reserved the best quality playback of TESOL live class for TESOL students. Students can watch videos anytime and anywhere, and can contact the training teacher Alex in real time. The private letter teacher can solve the problems encountered in learning, retain the advantages of face-to-face teaching and give full play to the advantages of online education, apply flexibly in real time, and learn practical teaching methods.

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