The team of the company is composed of overseas experts and famous university teachers, and 80% of the team members have overseas work experience.
Help students specify learning planning, analyze TESOL curriculum, apply for multiple levels of certificates, handle certificate certification, certificate course training, educational consultation, etc. It is the main business of the company.

Taifu education has experienced the polishing of time and is becoming particularly dazzling. Taifu education is structured by Beijing Taifu Education Consulting Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhengfu Education Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Taifu Training Center Co., Ltd. at the beginning of the company's establishment, the main business is the training and examination of TEFL and TESOL certificates (International English Teacher Qualification Certificate). With the development of the times and the progress of society, Taifu education seizes the opportunity and works hard for more than ten years, It has gained quite high popularity in the industry. More than 9000 schools and institutions in more than 150 countries around the world have been recognized, and there are assessment and training points in various popular cities in China.

The Diploma in teaching English to Speakers of other languages (DipTESOL) is an internationally respected, widely available qualification for experienced teachers of ESOL / EFL English teaching as a foreign language certificate, commonly known as TESOL International English teacher certificate. TESOL Certificate is uniformly certified and issued by American TESOL Institute (ATI TESOL) and notarized by the notary office. It is a globally recognized, authoritative and effective qualification certificate for teaching English as a foreign language.
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Beijing Zhengfu Education Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly involved in the field of education. With the approval of the Administration for Industry and commerce, it can engage in education and training, human resources training, education consulting, investment consulting, technology development, studying abroad, translation services, etc. TESOL's official website is subordinate to Beijing Zhengfu Education Technology Co., Ltd. the company is fully responsible for TESOL Certificate related business in Chinese Mainland. We have set up training bases in more than 20 regions in China, distributed in various popular cities. So far, the total number of graduates has reached more than 120000.
1. Kindergarten and primary and secondary school English teachers who are interested in improving their English teaching level and seeking long-term development. 2. Those who intend to study abroad or emigrate and want to find stable employment opportunities abroad. 3. Those who have good English skills and hope to receive professional training and enter a stable and respected field of education. 4. College graduates who are interested in foreign language teaching and have a certain foundation in English. 5. English majors or non English majors who have passed CET-4 or above, want to teach in key primary and secondary schools and are interested in high paying employment. 6. Foreigners in China whose mother tongue is English who want to engage in education in China.

Chinese English teachers are committed to improving the integration of English teaching with internationalization, better accepting the world's advanced English teaching methods and ideas, and realizing the dream of improving their career.
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Certification data source:

China Internet Information Center

Ministry of industry and information of China

State Administration for Industry and Commerce

National citizen information inquiry center of the Ministry of public security

Security alliance credit investigation data center

Brand treasure reputation evaluation database

Chuangyu monitoring Internet situation detection platform

The Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security

Credit China

State Administration of market supervision

Under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the certification authority is credible

Strictly follow the business specifications of the certification alliance and compare the multidimensional authoritative database to ensure that the certification results of real name websites are authoritative, authentic and credible.

Covers 500 million Internet users and displays 5 billion times a day

The results of website real name authentication are communicated to 500 million Internet users through 360 browser, IE browser and 360 search, so as to maximize the effect of website authentication.

Strictly comply with national standards

The certification adopts the national standard of technical guide for website trusted identification, which is created by more than 30 certification institutions.

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Taifu international education has been leading the new development direction of International English education with a professional and dedicated attitude, bringing the most professional TESOL and TEFL certificate examination and training, and creating more international English teachers!
Our Company based in Beijing and Guangzhou. The founders of our company have a combined 20 years of Teaching and Management experience, and are uniquely equipped to provide innovative solutions to education problems.The company was founded in 2003 Over these years, the company has earned a reputation that has a unique combination of quality, value, trust and reliability.  

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