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I always hope that my work is meaningful. It can help others, or make others better , so I chose to be a teacher. When I stood on the podium in front of the classroom and facing the innocent faces, I knew that I was shouldering the important task of "teaching and educating people." Maybe it seems to others that the teacher’s vacation is very easy, but I am very anxious. I am afraid that I will not be able to keep up with the trend of the times and the pace of changes of the times. I am afraid that the children I teach will only learn my old ways by rote, so I know that the vacation is for teachers to improve and update themselves. It should be good time to recharge.So I found the TESOL course, hoping to gain progress and growth from it. After this week of study, I also know that my choice is necessary and correct.


In this week, every day of the course is very substantial and practical. On the first day, we learned how to refine the beginning of a class, from how to greet students, to how to start our class, some game principles and common small games that can be used in class.

Every student has the opportunity to show and simulate on the stage, which ensures to the greatest extent that we can apply every small knowledge point we have learned to the actual classroom. After lunch time in the afternoon, we learned eight kinds of mind maps, which are suitable for different age groups and different knowledge levels, and the application range is very broad and practical.

The next day we started to learn how to be a good teacher. I really like the passage that ALEX shared with us in class, "The teacher is divided into four stages". I am still far from the fourth stage, but I will ask myself to study, self-correct, and practice in every detail. exercise.

In the classroom, the time of TTT and STT depends on the content of the classroom, the foundation of students’ learning, etc. However, the classroom is for students, so it is of course necessary to take the students as the main body, and the teacher as the guide plays the role of navigation, organizing students through various Such classroom activities can absorb as much knowledge as possible and master more skills in the precious classroom time.

The importance of classroom efficiency to students' learning is beyond doubt. Therefore, it is also a challenge for teachers to control classroom discipline, remind students who are distracted, and control children who are mischievous. So we learned a lot of classroom skills and effective classroom instructions. For myself, how to control the classroom discipline of six or seven-year

oldchildren and grab their attention is what I need to learn. Through this class, I found my answer.

Children of Elementary Age Development naturally lively and active, and their concentration time is short. I don't know how to observe classroom discipline. So I need some methods to control my classroom. First of all, when meeting the children for the first time, I will make my class rules clear. What is allowed and what is not allowed. Children who behave well in discipline will be rewarded, and children who violate discipline will be punished.

In terms of rewards, I will use the form of group activities, and when the children have finished answering the questions, I will add stars and stickers to them. Ten stars for a moon, ten moons for a sun, and a sun for a small gift.

In terms of punishment, if a child makes strange calls in my class or disrupts classroom discipline, I will ask the child to stand up and give him a 1minute timeout, during which time he will not be able to participate in competition activities.


Not only that, I think the theory that is very theoretical and very valuable is the eight types of learning discussed on the third day.

Visual: Image display.I will show the children the pictures corresponding to the words, and then randomly take out a card, let the children say what the disappearing picture is.

Verbal: Look at the picture and talk.I will show the children a picture and the keywords in the picture, and ask the children to describe the picture completely in the group using the sentence patterns they have learned and the words given.

Logical: Thinking maps.When studying the text, I will take the children to connect the cause and effect of the text with appropriate mind maps to help the children understand and remember.

Bodily:Use the two golden rule“Say what I say,Do what I do”.I will act out what I have learned with actions, and ask the children to imitate my actions and read them, or do the action that are the opposite of mine.

Interpersonal:Group work.I will show the children a picture and the keywords in the picture, and ask the children to describe the picture completely in the group using the sentence patterns they have learned and the words given.

Intrapersonal: Give enough space.Know in advance the proportion of such children in the class. Arrange the time for students to think quietly and independently in class, and give these children enough time and a quiet environment to think and study.

Musical:Make a chant.Use interesting songs, or arrange what you have learned in rhythm and sing it out. If possible, you can bring a musical instrument you are good at, and sing with the students in class.

Naturalist:Pay attention to daily communication.

I will remember that children with this kind of learning habit in the class encounter things they do not understand in their daily lives, and immediately explain to them, so that they can learn in their life and context.

I am very grateful for this learning journey, which has enriched me. I not only learned how to carry out my classroom steps in detail, but also learned a lot of practical classroom games. In my future work, I will use different game methods to make the repeated learning process changeable and interesting, and improve the children’s Learning interest helps children improve their learning efficiency. To better teach children to learn a second language, and better use it in their own lives.



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