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How does the TESOL course help improve my teaching skills

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I have acquired a lot of new knowledgefrom the TESOL course. It shows me what the interesting and creative classesare really like, which are totally different from our traditional ones. In particular,it uses various teaching methods and skills as well as funny games tofacilitate the ESL teacher’s teaching in the real-life classroom. I amenlightened and inspired very much during the whole training process.


From the TESOL course, I have learned “howto best teach”. Starting with how to greet with students of different ages,including students under six, students aged from 6to17 and adults, I havelearned how to warm up, how to teach speaking, listening, reading and writingas well as how to teach vocabulay. All of these teaching methods and skills areso essential for ESL teachers if they want to make their class more effectivelyand efficiently, more interesting and less boring.

In this eassy, I would like to illustratesomething interesting but significant I have not known before. As for how togreet with students in the class, especially for the first class, in atraditional way, I ususlly make a selfintroduction first like what my name isand where I come from, and then have every student to do the same one by one,which is very very stereotyped and boring. However, in the TESOL course, I havelearned how to greet with different students and make students motivated andencouraged. In the course, there are mainly four steps to make students knoweach other quickly for the first time and help create a relaxing atmosphere.The first step is that the ESL teacher introduces him/herself briefly by sayingone sentence ”Hello, I am ××× and you?” with hands swinging and thenthe students follow him/her, calling their own name and repeting the samesentence to his / her partner one by one. The second step has a small change.The ESL teacher says”Hello, I am ××× and you are ×××” with hands swingingand then the students follow him/her, calling their own name and speaking outhis / her partner’s name one by one. The third step is that the ESL teacherdirectly calls a student and says”Hi, ×××(a student’s name)! It’s good to meetyou. ” with hands shaking and then the student can respond “Metoo”, “pleased to see you”. and then other students do like that. Finally,the last step is that the whole class start greetings from left, right andrandomly. By such kind of greetings, students can get passionate and activeeasily and they do not feel nervous or boring any more. It leaves a goodimpression for the whole class and make the class atmosphere more active andengaging , which is rather good for teaching at the very beginning. However, Ihave not done like this before in my first class and I think it can help changemy greeting styles in the future teaching. Such kind of activities and gamesare presented a lot in TESOL class, which can make my future class more active, funny and creative.

What’s more, I have learned a great numberof teaching methods and skills in TESOL course and try to learn how to bestteach. As for how to teach writing, in a traditional teaching way, teachertalks more and students practice less in terms of a given topic or topics,which usually makes the class less effective and much more boring. However,after learning TESOL course, I have known the five steps( prewriting, drafting,revising, proofreading and publishing) for writing and some interesting gamesto encourage students to write according to the five steps. Take foldoverstories as an example, every student is engaged and focus on the class, writingdown their own answer as the teacher asks a question and then they pass theirpaper to the next student and continue to write   according to theteacher’s order. Finally, all questions are finished and every student has achance to create a story according to the answers written on the paper and readit out. By using this activity, students would feel that writing is funny andinteresting rather than boring and difficult. In such writing class, they notonly know how to structure writing, but also know how to write creatively. Thisis rather effective and efficient writing class!

In conclusion, TESOL courses are extremelyhelpful for my teaching career, from which I can not only learn various usefulteaching methods and skills, but obtain lots of actvities related to teaching.It makes me have a good understanding of the art of teaching and I will tryharder to make my class more engagig and interesting in the future.



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